Elisabeth Welch

Elisabeth Welch is the previous earthly incarnation of Alyson Bell. She first made her appearance lost in the late 1800's in book three: The Oracle of the Missing Dryad. Little is known of her other than her profession, which is originally a thief working for a thug named Freddie, until she escaped and made friends with Belladonna at the local brothel and became one of the young girls there to entertain. She killed several men with a dagger she had hid in her boot while working as a thief, hence she was wanted for murder.

Elisabeth falls in love with a stable boy named Jonathan Tarlington, who is son of an Innkeeper in the same town as the local brothel. Elisabeth and Jonathan are caught in each others arms by Belladonna who quickly scolds her new employee as she was supposed to be watching out for Seamus, and Seamus is murdered. A very pregnant Belladonna, devistated and in her rage, curses Elisabeth and Jonathan, until she begins to give birth right there in the stables. Belladonna gives birth to twin girls, however one of them is stillborn and she asks that Elisabeth and Jonathan take the infant's body to be buried and to save the other daughter, as being in a brothel would be no life for her. The Black Widow Queen enters and attempts to steal the baby, Lily. Elisabeth and Jonathan flee on Belladonna's horse, Gypsy Epona.

In book four: The Door of the Thousand Keys, Elisabeth is tricked and sentenced to death at the stake for witchcraft and murder, at the accidental hands of Jonathan turning her in.

When Alyson accidentally finds herself back in 1926, a time when she wasn't supposed to be there, she can't recall her name and also adopts the name of "Elisabeth", as this is the past life she remembers. However, this Elisabeth is not the Elisabeth Welch of the 1800's. She only adopted the name due to amnesia and needed a quick identity to convince new friends of Harding Danby and Emelia Finch who she was.

Random Facts

Age: 19 or 20

Appearance: curvy, stylized hair of the times, corsets and long broomstick skirts, saloon girl

Occupation: thief, brothel maid, murderer and accused witch

Relationship with: Jonathan Tarlington

Hazardous relationship with: Freddie


To note: an anagram of Elisabeth Welch (accused and sentenced for witchcraft) is "A Bewitches Hell" ... it's all in a name, isn't it?