Emelia Finch


Emelia Finch

Emelia Finch is one of two magical daughters, born of the lineage of Abigail and George Finch. She and her sister, Sadie Finch, grew up discovering their magical abilities quite slowly until the death of a boy they both had interest in caused one sister to go on an evil path. It was during the wrath of her sister Sadie that turned Emelia into a grey cat for all eternity.

In present day, Alyson Bell discovers a grey cat wandering around the lake near the back of The Finch Estate. Alyson names her "Emily" as though a voice guides her to do so. Captivated by Emily the cat's green emerald eyes, she soon makes the link between the cat Emily and the beautiful woman named Emelia.

Emily the cat was also wandering around the property when Ginny/Grams was just a little girl of 9 years old. Emily the cat is over 80 years old.

Emelia's powers include dream dropping, telepathy, portaling and transfiguration.

She was given one of three magical necklaces, and hers is an Emerald pendant, to match her eyes.

Emelia is one of the Sacred Seven Sisters.


news clipping from book one: The Ghost of Colby Drive


news clipping from book one: The Ghost of Colby Drive

Random Facts

Emelia Finch was turned into a cat when she was 23 years old in the year of 1917. She is still a virgin.

Appearance: warm skin tone, auburn hair - long and wavy, striking green eyes, classic features

Hair: Red, long

Eyes: Green

Abilities: dream dropping is her specialty (the ability to enter into people's dreams and speak to them as if they were awake), telepathy, teleportation and transfiguration into the body of a grey cat at will (after curse is broken)

Relationship with: Harding Danby