Let's just say that if you meet Magnamalphas, then you're considered very lucky to be able to tell the tale. He is not one to let visitors into The Black Hollow live, let alone ... get away. He is the very stuff nightmares are created from.

Magnamalphas is Hremm Nevar's "father". He is the brother of Lucinda, the Black Widow Queen and together they had an incestuous relationship that spawned Hremm Nevar. Magnamalphas is the ultimate demon.

Magnamalphas is the source of pure evil. He cannot feel emotion or love. He is merciless.

He only exists because consciousness created him, out of harmful thoughts... eradicate the harmful thoughts and he will ceast to exist.

Random Facts

Age: none, he is a demon as old as time before it existed

Appearance: he has no face, but yet soulless eyes are felt when you gaze upon him... he can see you... ; his dead "skin" that covers his bones barely is there; anything he touches... DIES

Abilities: do you really want to find out? run... and fast!


Magnamalphas' name is from an actual Goetic demon named Malphas, a man who shapeshifts into that of a crow or raven... sound familiar?